Ronald Gasser, Man Responsible For Joe McKnight’s Death, Released From Custody


Following a road rage incident that ended the life of former New York Jets player, Joe McKnight, the man responsible for murdering the 28-year-old, Ronald Gasser, was released from custody on Friday morning (Dec. 2), NOLA reports.

The shooting occurred on Thursday (Dec. 1) in Terrytown, La., when a witness said Gasser engaged in a verbal match with McKnight at a highway intersection. McKnight, who was unarmed, attempted to apologize, but the situation turned physical and led to Gasser drawing his firearm and shooting the former NFLer twice, stating, “I told you don’t f**k with me,” as he stood over his body.

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No charges have been brought against Gasser, 54, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Col. John Fortunato said. When authorities arrived on the scene, Gasser turned in his weapon and was questioned. Law enforcement is still calling upon witnesses for more insight on the shooting.

TMZ adds that authorities still have “questions about the circumstances surrounding what led up to it,” and the case will remain open. Social media users later published their thoughts on the matter.