Joe Mixon: Footage Of College Football Player Punching Woman Sparks Debate On Twitter


Footage of University of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon punching a woman in the face was released Friday (Dec. 16), at the request of the 20-year-old college football player, reports Yahoo! News.

The violent altercation was captured on two different surveillance cameras inside a local cafe, during the early morning hours of July 25, 2014.

Mixon was a college freshman at the time and had been celebrating his 18th birthday, prior to the run-in with fellow student, Amelia Molitor, inside Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe. The first recording (which can be seen above) shows Molitor and Mixon exchanging words before she pushes the college athlete, who intern, punches her in the face. Molitor, now 22, suffered fractured bones from the punch.

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“Mr. Mixon asked us to once again say he is sorry for the way he reacted that night. He has apologized publicly to Ms. Molitor, her friends, his family, teammates and the University,” Mixon’s attorney, Blake Johnson wrote in a letter. “He hopes that his voluntary release of these recordings will help put this matter to rest.”

Earlier in the month, the Oklahoma Supreme County ruled that the footage was public record and would therefore be released by the city of Norman, Okla. However the city had not made a decision on releasing footage of which access was given to both Molitor and Mixon. The Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters sued the city to gain access to the recording under the Open Records Act.

“While Mr. Mixon is not a party to the OAB lawsuit and has not been directed by the Court to make any disclosure, he does not see any reason for the release of the recording at issue in that lawsuit to be delayed any longer,” Johnson added.

“Further delay appears only to be generating unfounded speculation about what is shown in that video. We also see no reason to withhold the second recording we received from Ms. Molitor’s attorneys and so have included it as well.”

Molitor, who is suing Mixon, was reportedly against the tapes being released. However, her attorney, Rust Smith says the graphic videos “speak for themselves.”

Meanwhile, Mixon contests Molitor’s lawsuit claim of intention infliction of emotional distress, and contends that her conduct “contributed in whole or in part to any claimed loss or injuries.”

According to The Oklahoman, Mixon claims Molitor “repeatedly instigated hostile conversations” with him and friends outside the cafe. He also says that Molitor “and/or” those in her group used racial slurs, and that she slapped and spat at him.

Inside the cafe, Mixon claims Molitor motioned for him to approach her table resulting in him making an “aggressive gesture” in response to her actions, before “verbally warning her to leave him alone.”

Smith, denies Mixon’s claims, and asserts that his client was motioning towards people at a nearby table, not the football player.

Mixon was charged with a misdemeanor count of acts resulting in gross injury, and suspended from the football team for a year. He also completed 100 hours of community service and cognitive behavior courses, as part of a plea agreement.

While Mixon could potentially sign with NFL, footage of the punch is sparking debate on Twitter.

Peep a second angle of the footage below.

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