Justine Skye Delivers Her New EP, ‘8 Ounces’


Today (Dec. 23), Brooklyn native Justine Skye released her brand new EP dubbed, 8 Ounces, which is the average size of a woman’s heart.

The 11-track EP features songwriting and production The Dream and Tricky Stewart. Roc Nation’s signee recently sat down with Genius where the self-proclaimed Purple Unicorn discussed her latest project.

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“Now that I’m 21, I’m meeting different people from different parts of the world and I’m figuring out myself more and figuring out guys more. This whole EP is my diary of situations that I’ve gone through since my last project,” Skye said to Genius.

The beauty also talked about working with the talented songwriter. “The-Dream was like my diary. I would sit there and talk his ear off about all my guy situations; he would just turn my stories into songs.”

Back in 2015, the alluring crooner released her heavy heart project, Emotionally Unavailable.

Steam 8 Ounces below on Spotify and cop it over at iTunes.