Gospel Star Kim Burrell Explains Calling Homosexuality “Perverted” During Sermon

Gospel star Kim Burrell is taking heat on the internet for a portion of a sermon in which she speaks out against homosexuality. In the video which surfaced Friday (Dec. 30), Burrell denotes homosexuality as a sin, and calls gay people “perverted.”

“The perverted and homosexual spirit is a spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women.” Burrell says in the video. “If you as a man will open your mouth take a man’s penis in your face, you are perverted!… If you are a woman and will shake your face in another woman’s face, you are perverted!”


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As you can probably guess, Burrell’s comments didn’t get rave reviews on Twitter.

From the looks of it, Pharrell had something to say about Burrell’s leaked sermon. 

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Burrell later clarified her comments on Facebook Live explaining that she loves anyone with a “homosexual spirit” because “God loves you,” but added that “God hates the sin.”

“We’re not against flesh and blood, I came on because I care about God’s creation, and every person from the LGBT [community] and anything else that’s supporting gay, I never said LGBT last night,” she notes. “I said S-I-N, and whatever falls under sin.”

The 44-year-old singer also blamed the devil for the specific portion of her sermon getting out in an attempt to “make it look” like she has a “personal agenda against people.”

“It’s a heartbreak but it’s the world we live in.”

Despite her personal views, the Texan gospel artist is scheduled to discuss her contribution to the Hidden Figures soundtrack on The Ellen DeGeneres Show  next Thursday(Jan. 5). Provided that she doesn’t cancel, Burrell’s words about homosexuality could make for an awkward  on-camera discussion with Degeneres, who is openly gay.

Peep Burrell’s explanation of her sermon below.

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