The L.O.X. Announce ‘Filthy America….It’s Beautiful’ Album


The Yonkers rap crew, The L.O.X. used the Rap Radar podcast to announce the release of their forthcoming album, Filthy America…It’s Beautiful (Roc Nation/Def Jam) during a live podcast at New York City’s S.O.B.’s.

During last night’s (Dec. 1) sit-down with veteran hip-hop journalists Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller,  Holiday Styles, Sheek Louch and Jadakiss sipped liquor and blew loud while touching on a range of topics. In addition to announcing their new album, the trio also talked about a surprise collab with Gucci Mane and DJ Khaled.

“We Kept our identity on that mutherfucker,” Sheek Louch said. “We bodied that shit, and Gucci did to.”

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Also the self-proclaimed Gangsta and the Gentleman–the name of Styles P 2002 debut album–touched on having balance as well as his juice bars.

“The most important shit is taking care of your family and taking care of your loved-ones. We don’t sleep enough. We work hard. We screw excessively. So, it’s about balance. We come from the ‘hood. We know what it is to be fucked up. We know what it is to be good. So we balance it out. Put a little death in your body. Put a little life in your body.”

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VIBE made the trek down to S.O.B.s to grab a few quotes for all you L.O.X. fans.

Styles P on the meaning behind Filthy America…It’s Beautiful.
America is filthy, but it’s fucking beautiful. It’s happens race-wise, education wise. You go about it everyday like it’s not happening. You go to work you see it your co-workers, and we talk about social media and shit like that. It’s a fucked up place, but it’s a beautiful place because we can make money, and we have the opportunity to open businesses, and we just try to call it how we see it.

Jadakiss on Jay Z, Tidal and Roc Nation. 
What Jay Z is doing for Tidal and Roc Nation in 15-20 years he’s going to get some type of award or nobel peace prize, some type of medal.He’s setting that shit to set the artist up properly to get you just due off your music. So, if it goes how he got it planned to go in the near future, he’s going to get more critically acclaimed than he already is. Something big going to happen. He’s doing the impossible.

Jadakiss on the current state of hip-hop.
Hip-hop is a ferris wheel and it’s about being able to stay on the wheel. It’s going to go through winny rap. It’s going to go through crazy clothing, crazy hair cuts. But it’s always going to come back to the foundation.

Sheek Louch on listening to new rappers.
I don’t knock my kids for listening to the shit but it’s just not for me. Salute to all these mutherfuckers out here, i get it. Nah, i really don’t get it, but it’s not for me, so i don’t have anything to say about it. Because if talking about it, we sound like some grumpy old men talking about the young niggas.

Jadakiss on New York emcees.
For me, I don’t care what kind of rap they doing. If they come from New York I support that shit. Everybody ain’t going to be lyrical. It’s some of the richest niggas that ain’t lyrical. So, it ain’t really bout that. It’s about supporting the culture and making the music that you make.

Jadakiss on Young M.A.
I got twins that’s two years old. They was picking up the IPad every morning going to Youtube playing the “Ooouuu” shit. I was like these little niggas love this. So, i reached out to her got on the remix and made it happen. If you listen to me I did that with all them–Red Cafe, Maino, whoever. I try to fuck with everybody before they reach the Billboard so they can decipher what’s real from fake.

Filthy America…It’s Beautiful drops on Dec. 16, and is available for pre-order over at iTunes.