Lupe Fiasco Announces Release Date For ‘DROGAS Light’


Lupe Fiasco might be breaking out of his early retirement.

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On Christmas Eve (Dec. 24), the Chicago native took to his socials to announce one of his three albums promised to be released in 2016 will drop early next year. DROGAS Light will reach fans Feb. 10. It isn’t known if DROGAS or Skulls will be released, but the rapper previously informed fans the albums were stalled due to clearance issues.

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Fiasco announced his retirement on Dec. 13 shortly after the release of his freestyle to J.Cole’ s “Everybody Dies.” The track “N.E.R.D.” was accused of being anti-semitic by some of his critics.  The rapper has been silent on his music since the announcing the release date. For now, he’s spreading the education of Kwanzaa and love for Mexican corn.

2017 should be interesting, to say the least.

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