Mexicans Weigh In On Trump’s America


Mexico is no stranger to corrupt politics at home or next door in the United States.

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Donald Trump infamously targeted Mexicans with threats of deportation steeped in xenophobic rhetoric throughout the scope of his campaign. Now, with less than two months until his inauguration, the full weight of “Trump’s America” looms ahead as President Barack Obama prepares to leave office.

In a new segment for Vox’s “2016ish,” Liz Plank took to the streets of Puebla to gather Mexican citizens’ thoughts on the future of the nation under the President-elect.

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“We don’t have good representatives because we don’t choose them,” one man said. “Choose better—you have the capacity to select better leaders. And don’t vote again in four years for Trump.”

Some voices encouraged Americans to fight back through “clean politics” and protest. “Don’t let them [take advantage]. Never let your guard down, you must never let your guard down,” one woman expressed.

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And others struggled to empathize. “Well, it’s something they decided, really,” another man said. “It’s not something we can solve. It’s something that American people decided so they will have to learn to live with that.”

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