‘Stranger Things’ Star Eleven Is Taking Her Talents To South America’s Comic-Con


Millie Bobby Brown became one of the breakout stars featured on the critically acclaimed Netflix original, Stranger Things. The British actress plays the role of Eleven, a boss-girl confused by her supernatural talents and who just wants to get in where she fits in. El will be taking her talents south of the equator, where she will be making select appearances at Comic-Con in South America.

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Eleven invited her fans via Facebook to come meet her in Brazil, Chile and Argentina. The Weirdo will be hitting São Paulo on May 20, Rio de Janeiro on May 21, Buenos Aires on the 26th and Santiago de Chile on May 27–28 of 2017.

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Fans of the hit show are pumped up—check out some of the social media fan reaction to the news, below. Question: does South America sell Eggo Waffles?

CREDIT: Facebook @Dan Girolamo