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Premiere: Roc Nation Latin's Mr. Paradise Salutes His Hood In "De La 1 Hasta La 90"

"It is difficult to reach a dream, and not remember the streets that saw you grow, laugh and cry…"

Angel Batista, born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Madrid, brings to rap a soulful fusion of hip-hop, Afro-Latino influences and classic Spanish rhythms to navigate social issues. Roc Nation Latin's newest signee is a Spotify favorite and YouTube success, earning 850,000 streams and 110,000 views respectively, for "Forastero (Foreigner)", a previous single dedicated to the immigrant experience in the United States.

Determined to forge his legacy in the world of music, Mr. Paradise brings to the cultural equation a catalogue of music that equally speaks to the gamut of human emotion, most recently with "De La 1 Hasta La 90", which pays tribute to his hood of West New York, from 1st to 90th street. Before any major label backing, it was this neighborhood that wholeheartedly supported his every endeavor.

"With this video, I wanted to express the feelings that transpired as I crossed these streets in search of support," he tells VIBE Viva. "At the same time, recognizing that I share some of their own experiences, realities and obstacles. Before Roc Nation Latin, the acceptance of the people of this neighborhood was always unconditional. This is for them."

In the Carlos Sanchez-directed clip, Mr. Paradise is seen traversing his native stomping grounds, peppering the streets with flyers to promote his next performance, all the while waxing poetics on his journey to and struggles of rap stardom.

"It is difficult to reach a dream, and not remember the streets that saw you grow, laugh and cry, contemplating and holding on to each of your steps toward a goal that may seem so unreal. I have lost count of the times I have traveled these varied streets. However, I do remember the many faces of those who passed my way, in search of their own "surreal" dream. I wonder what might have been the reason for their trip to this city, and if they will ever return to their place of origin. Some faces no longer chase that dream, only fight to stay afloat after completing a double shift. But somehow, we all ended up here, after a Transatlantic trip, with no return ticket. Here, I learned that there are simply bad days and good days—like climate changes. I learned that rejection is not personal, and that when there is a motive lit in flames, it does not matter how many times you go from 1st to 90th, from the countryside to the capital, from the valley to the sierra, or from Madrid to Barcelona, that dream are liable to be fulfilled," says Mr. Paradise.

Making way for hip-hop en español, peep Mr. Paradise's newly-crafted visual, "De La 1 Hasta La 90", exclusively on

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Premiere: Robin Thicke Keeps Love Alive With "Forever Mine"

The smooth sounds of R&B never get old. When it comes to the soothing tunes of Robin Thicke, they're no exception. To bring that heart-warming vibe to our days of self-quarantine, the soul singer is delivering a new track titled "Forever Mine."

As the piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, muted trumpet, and drums set the jazzy tempo, Thicke sings about holding on to the love of your life while keeping the romance alive. No matter how long it takes or what's going on in the world.

"Made for each other, feels like no other / Once in a lifetime, can't let a love like this pass you by," he croons. "Tell me your stories and I will tell you mine / I don’t mind living in paradise..."

"When you meet the perfect someone, you can’t let them slip away,” said Thicke to VIBE when asked about his new single. The 5-time Grammy Award nominee and The Masked Singer judge shared the personal significance of the new record, adding: “'Forever Mine’ was the last record I finished with Andre Harrell, my mentor, executive producer, and Godfather to my son Julian."

During BET and REVOLT's A Tribute to Andre Harrell: Mr. Champagne & Bubbles special on Sunday night, Thicke revealed that Harrell gave a "stamp of approval" for this single one week before his untimely passing and teased the song for viewers hear.

Play Robin Thicke's new record, "Forever Mine," which is slated to appear on his upcoming studio album.

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Premiere: Sean Paul's New "Back It Up Deh" Video Will Get You On Your Feet

As the first—and only—dancehall artist to appear on the cover of VIBE, Sean Paul has been making history and breaking down musical barriers throughout his career. The Grammy-winning hitmaker has collaborated with some of the biggest stars in urban music, from Beyoncé and Rihanna to DMX and Busta Rhymes, but his come-up was driven by raw uncut dancehall straight off the streets of Jamaica. After more than 20 years in the game, Sean is still going strong, dropping his dutty flow alongside the likes of Stefflon Don, Jhene Aiko, and Dua Lipa. But he's not just the go-to for a hot yardstyle 16, he's also an accomplished producer. Sean's Dutty Rock Productions label has released riddims like "Rope," "Gang Gang," "No Caption," and "Callaloo."

Today, VIBE premieres Sean's latest production, "Back It Up Deh," a song that pays tribute to the dancehall queens who bust moves when the bassline drops. "I used to want to go to see what the ladies was wearing," Sean Paul recalled in an exclusive interview with Reshma B in a recent Instagram Live interview. "It was just very sensual outfitting. And then the dancing, it was so free. That's what I really loved about the culture as a kid. You got involved."

Although street dances are on pause during these quarantine times, Sean's latest release and the high-energy video might just have you backing it up while you shelter in place.

"Being able to shoot a music video for the living legend is an amazing privilege by itself," says director Kieran Khan, who has worked with Sean Paul before and was also responsible for Buju Banton's "Trust," in which Sean had a cameo. "So just imagine enhancing that experience by shooting in his hometown of Kingston JA as the backdrop. Having dancers being represented from all over the world definitely made this video an unforgettable experience. This was me and Sean's first collaborative project as director and co-director, and I believe it won't be the last."

Watch the "Back It Up Deh" premiere up top as well as our VIBE & Boomshots Instagram Live interview with Sean Paul below.


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@boomshots’s own Reshma B (@rgat) for a VIBE special takeover. #SeanPaul’s #BackItUpDeh soon come! 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 #Reggae #Dancehall #Jamaica

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Premiere: Elliott Trent Releases New Single "Motions" For The Masses

Ohio is good for more than just the Buckeyes. Columbus native, Elliott Trent is the latest talented offering from the perennial swing state. With writing credits for the likes of Chris Brown with "Flashbacks" on his Indigo album, to penning six out of eight songs on the Usher and Zaytoven 2018 collab project A, Trent has been a quiet force behind the scenes. In 2017, he emerged by way of linking with fellow Columbus brother Trippe Redd, producing the track "Love Scars."

In 2019, after working with singer Kehlani, Trent released an independent 4-track project titled The DownTime EP. The release is filled with smokey groove odes to the ladies and showcases his love note thoughts.

Yet, with "Motions," his first single from the forthcoming studio EP, Into The Night, Trent continues his deep feelings of catering to the woman he desires. “I was very conscious of putting myself into 'Motions' as soon as I began writing it,” says Trent. “To me the song gives off a lot of confidence in my ability to love a woman the right way and when fans listen to it, I want them to know that I’m giving them bits and pieces of me, my story and who I am.” he explains.


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[ Motions Out 5/8 ! Pre-Save Link In Bio ]

A post shared by Elliott Trent (@elltrent) on May 5, 2020 at 12:10pm PDT

With the full EP scheduled for a June drop on Pivtl Projects, Trent is well on the road to more recognition and probably more requests for songwriting help by the big names in the industry. Friends like strong singer/producer Eric Bellinger have worked with Trent in the past and will support the young bull in his future endeavors.




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