Residente Built An Album According To His Genetic Ancestry


Former Calle 13 member Residente, known for his social-minded themes, put together a new album inspired by his ancestors. “I am Residente. I decided to make music based on my DNA, so I traveled the world discovering sounds and uncovering stories. We are all residents in the spaces that confine us. Only here, there are no borders,” he announced.

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Shortly after making public a partnership with Fusion Media Group and undergoing a DNA test, the Boricua rapper, born Rene Perez Joglar, introduced a new website and fresh sounds based on his genetic makeup. The site is filled with potent images, video and audio clips documented in places like Puerto Rico, Ghana and China.

“I collaborated with talented artist; artist who the music industry doesn’t know because they haven’t paid attention to them for some time, artist who make music without expecting anything in return, artist whom I share DNA with, Just as they shared their stories with me,” he said in a statement that accompanied the site launch.

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Make sure to stay abreast with the website, and expect some new music from Residente in spring of 2017.