New York Historical Society Archives “Subway Therapy” Project


Until last week, an estimated 20,000 sticky notes scribbled with post-election thoughts plastered the walls of New York City’s Union Square subway station.

Now, artist Matthew Levee Chavez’s crowdsourced “Subway Therapy” project has a new home. According to The Huffington Post, the New York Historical Society has archived approximately 4,000 notes that snapshot the city’s emotional state in the face of “Trump’s America.”

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“People decades from now might look at Post-it Notes as incredibly quaint,” Museum Director Margaret Hofer told DNAinfo. “But whatever the verdict, this method of communication really captures the spirit of 2016 and the needs of New Yorkers at this particular moment.”

With plans to release adult and children’s books on the project, Chavez is excited to see “Subway Therapy” build momentum in the year ahead. “I started the project so people could have a channel to express their thoughts, feel less alone, and also become exposed to opinions different than their own,” he said in a statement. “‘Subway Therapy’ is about inclusion, stress relief and peaceful expression. I’m thrilled that we have found a way to work together to move the project and preserve it for others to experience in the future.”

New Yorkers interested in speaking up can stop by the New York Historical Project’s “Messages to the President-Elect” wall at 170 Central Park West at 77th Street before Inauguration Day (Jan. 20).

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