Cuba Grants Fidel Castro’s Wish With New Law

Fidel Castro’s wishes have been sealed in writing. Respecting his denunciation of a personality cult, Cuba’s National Assembly approved a new law that bans commemorative statues and naming public places after the late revolutionary on Tuesday (Dec. 27).

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According to The Huffington Post, the law does not prevent artists from using Castro’s figure in music, literature or the visual arts nor extends to photos of him hanging in public places, such as an image of a young Castro dressed in military fatigues spotted in Havana’s Revolution Square.

“His fighting spirit will remain in the conscience of all Cuban revolutionaries, today, tomorrow and always,” President Raul Castro, Fidel’s successor and younger brother, told the Assembly.

Following his death in November, Cuba commemorated their former president and prime minister with two mass memorial services and nine days of mourning while Cuban-Americans celebrated the end of an era.

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