NYPD Detective “Under Internal Review” For Reportedly Shooting Dice To Determine Suspect’s Release


After detaining a suspect in a Bronx-based shooting, Detective David Terrell stopped protocol to have a discussion with a few bystanders at the scene. The conversation involved a dice game, which Terrell decided to partake in, and was placed in a controversial position when one man said, “If you ace out right now, you gotta let him go,” referring to suspect Pedro Hernandez.

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While Hernandez was seated in the backset of the cop’s vehicle, Terrell remained engaged in the game — which assumably wouldn’t be considered illegal since money wasn’t evident — and landed in the middle of an internal investigation with the NYPD, PIX 11 reports. Hernandez is currently stationed on Rikers Island with a bail set at $250,000.

According to private investigator Manuel Gomez, Det. Terrell gives cops who go by the book a bad rep. “He’s making the police department look horrible. There’s a lot of good cops out there,” he said.

In early November, Terrell was also accused of severely beating a Bronx teen after questioning him on illegal guns. The New York Daily News reports the unidentified teen was “barely conscious and unable to move.”

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Shooting craps for money in the shadows of state regulation is considered illegal in NYC, and other forms of gambling that take place in secrecy. Recently, VICELAND’s hit show, Black Market, took a look at the city’s underground gambling circuit.