Cops Draw Guns On Black Man As Part Of A Wedding Proposal


The Internet loves a great proposal. Whether it be teens in high school thinking of elaborate ways to ask their crush to the prom, or boyfriends pulling out all the stops for their future misses, proposals now in the age of social media are all about creativity.

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However, one man has merited a few digital side eyes from the Internet for the way he choose to pop the question to his soon-to-be-wife. In a video that has since gone a viral, an unidentified man is at a gas station when two police officer in separate cars arrive arrive quickly drawing their weapons demanding he get on the ground. The unsuspecting woman, quickly jumps into action acting as a barrier between the officers and her boyfriend. She tells them he has a gun and they ask her to retrieve it for them. As he reaches for what she believes is his gun, he pulls out an engagement ring. The crowd begins to laugh and she quickly loses her composure and begins to cry.

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While many who have seen the video understood the good intention behind, a lot of people thought it was either too elaborate or insensitive due to the racial climate America is in. In recent years, videos similar to the one above have been released of the brutal and unjustified killing of unarmed black and brown men and women at the hands of law enforcement. The deaths of Alton Sterling and then just a day later Philando Castile rocked the nation as many continue to wonder what needs to be done to bring an end to police brutality against African-Americans.

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“That was too much. [It] was really not needed or cute,” one user commented. “Yeah, this isn’t cute. Especially with all the brutality going on. SMH. Some people don’t think.”

What say you? Are some being haters or was this really insensitive? Sound off in the comments.