Pope Francis Brings Rival Colombian Leaders Together To Discuss FARC Deal


Pope Francis attempted to plant the seed of peace between rival Colombian leaders on Friday (Dec. 16).

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President Juan Manuel Santos and his predecessor Álvaro Uribe joined the head of the Roman Catholic Church for a sit-down in Vatican City to discuss the country’s peace deal with FARC rebels, the New York Post reports.

Uribe, who’s eight-year presidency ended in 2010, led the campaign against Santos’ original deal with the guerrilla group behind 52 years of conflict in the Latin American country. Following the tight rejection in October, Santos introduced several changes yet failed to win his opponent over with the revised accord ratified by congress this month.

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Uribe has denounced the deal for granting impunity to rebels by sparing them from jail time and awarding them seats in congress. According to The Post, the political figure didn’t show signs of changing his stance, stating he agreed to meet with the president out of respect for the pope, who has opted not to travel to Colombia until the peace process is complete.