Premiere: Xavier Omar Salutes Women In Music With Visuals For His “Blind Man” Remix


R&B crooner Xavier Omär (formerly SPZRKT) is ready to change the game.

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In this exclusive VIBE premiere, Omär teams up with producer Gionna Lee to revisit “Blind Man,” off his EP The Everlasting Wave, for a special cause. Coupled with a stirring visual, the collaboration salutes women making moves in music while addressing the resounding need for inclusivity in the male-dominated industry.

“It’s always the time to champion women in music and worldwide because they simply deserve it,” Omar said via email. “The average American is a woman, yet, the most disrespected American is the woman. The most disrespected people worldwide are women. So when you look at the inner workings of music, whether it’s a record label, booking agency or event coordinators, a lot of them are women. They make the machine run. So, whenever we can highlight them we should.”

In fact, some of the artists who have lighted his path as an artist and continue to impact our ears are indeed women. “I’m greatly inspired by the risks and innovation of TLC, the way Beyoncé has taken over pop while fully embracing her black womanhood and her live show band is women only,” he continued. “Also, some of us don’t even realize all the hits we love that were produced by Wondagurl. Like we were able to experience with Gionna, there are many more unrecognized women who produce and have talent in it. I want us to encourage those who take on the task.”

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All proceeds from the single will benefit Women In Music, an organization committed to shifting the narrative through gender equality since 1985.

Purchase the remix here or at any digital store of your choice, and dive in below: