Families Of The Orlando Shooting Victims Sue Social Media


Twitter, Facebook and Google received a federal civil suit from families of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Monday (Dec. 19) for allegedly proving “material support” to the Islamic State and for helping radicalize shooter Omar Mateen.

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In a world consumed by social media, it is easy to get swept away by marketing schemes and point of views. The families of Tevin Crosby, Javier Jorge-Reyes and Juan Ramos Guerrero claimed that the online platforms “provided the terrorist group ISIS with accounts they use to spread extremist propaganda, raise, and attract new recruits.”

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Keith Altman, the lawyer representing the victims’ families spoke with FoxNews.com and allege that different sites heavily influenced the shooter. “This guy was radicalized by looking at Google, Facebook and Twitter,” said Altman. “Mateen was radicalized by ISIS using the defendants tools for that express purpose.”

Facebook, Twitter and Google have not responded to Fox News’ request for a comment.