Queen Latifah’s Car Targeted In Gas Station Robbery


Queen Latifah became a high-profile target for Fulton County, Ga. carjackers last week.

According to theGrio, a white BMW pulled up next to a 2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 owned by the Star actress at a local gas station on Dec. 20. While an associate filled up Latifah’s luxury vehicle, a suspect hopped inside and drove away.

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Fulton County Police later tracked down the undamaged car at an apartment complex in southwest Atlanta but have yet to find the person(s) responsible, this according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

AJC reports Queen Latifah’s case joins a slew of carjackings that have occurred in south Fulton in recent days. People leaving their doors unlocked with the key in the ignition is part of the problem according to Fulton police spokeswoman Maureen Smith, who labeled the trend “a crime of opportunity.”

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