Rahzel Jr. Refuses To Become A “False Idol” In Today’s Society


Rahzel Brown, Jr. calls it how he sees it. In today’s world, the 27-year-old rapper can see through all the misleading heroes, politicians, community leaders, and other vital members of society. He aspires to become a role model to the new generation of rhymers, and he refuses to resemble any “False Idols.”

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Rahz, who is the son of former The Roots member Rahzel, raps about the struggles of straying away from following false prophets in his new song. He also highlights the true leadership that’s found within every human being, and not just the glorified entertainers who fake the funk that are highly revered in this world. For his latest single produced by The Vamp, Rahzel, Jr. collaborated with fellow songwriter Evin Bangs and singer XIII to craft the powerful follow-up to his previous single “Renegade”.

Stream Rahzel Jr.’s new single “False Idols” below.