Red Bull’s ’30 Days In LA’ Came At The Perfect Time In 2016


Red Bull’s annual 30 Days In L.A. concert series couldn’t have come at a more suitable time this year. Just over a week after the shows began (Nov 1), Donald Trump was elected as America’s next president to the dismay of the entire VIBE staff.

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The news of the most publicly racist, despicable and frankly unqualified president elect left a dark cloud over our editorial team — who are all men and women of color. Coming into the office after the election was one of our most somber experiences of the year. There was a collective feeling of defeat among the squad — and music was the only thing that could cheer us up.

It was YG’s appropriately titled “FDT” track that helped us break our funk to get back into the groove of office-life. Look, we aren’t hatemongers, but we do not like or approve of our next president, and there’s no other way to say it without being extremely vulgar. So when I heard the aforementioned song being performed on Nov. 29 at The Wiltern, it felt like a small celebration in the face of evil. On the second to last show of 30 Days, the Compton rapper headlined the historical venue in the heart of L.A.’s Koreatown.

As YG and DJ Mustard joined in on the performance, the entire crowd was singing right along with them, “F*ck Donald Trump,” echoed throughout the building. Fans of all races pumped their fists up to the rowdy sounds of the new hip-hop anthem. At this moment, it was clear, we all needed Red Bull’s 30 Days this year more than ever.

The more I spoke to colleagues from Los Angeles who were personally covering every show, I realized that my sentiments about 2016’s 30 Days series was shared by all. In these turbulent times where we our witnessing the slaughter our black brothers and sisters by law enforcement with little to no repercussions, music is one of the few things that help bring us inner-peace.

Thank you, Red Bull.

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