Snoop Dogg Thinks Colin Kaepernick Needs To Choose Between Football And Being A Full-Time Revolutionary


Colin Kaepernick’s polarizing season continued last week, with the latest being the Niners quarterback’s controversial remarks surrounding the support of former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. The 29-year-old heard it from the Miami crowd Sunday (Nov. 27), who were not happy with his comments. Snoop Dogg joined Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe’s Undisputed on Fox Sports to debate a multitude of topics, mainly including Kap’s protest of the national anthem, and the criticism he’s received as he raised awareness about the social injustices in America.

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“In the beginning, I understood it thoroughly because I’m one who’s had situations with police and I deal with it and I understand where he’s coming from,” he says. “But at the same time, you have to really stand for it and I don’t believe he can do that and play football at the same time because there’s too many rules and regulations and things that he has to deal with as opposed to being a revolutionary. But I do appreciate the fact that he brought something to America’s attention that needed to be brought to their attention as far as knowing that there is a serious problem that we’re dealing with outside of these sports and these activities that we do that we have a great time that we celebrate. So I like him for that and I appreciate him for that. And I feel like he did his part, now it’s up to the world to recognize and do their part. Because he’s only one person. He’s got to get back to what he’s doing and if this is what he wants to do, he needs to leave football out of it and just do it full time.”

Remember commentator Tomi Lahren? Yeah, Trevor Noah invited her on The Daily Show and totally checked her regarding Kaepernick’s protest and the Black Lives Matter movement:

Bayless even admitted that a protest he once was against, he now admires the eyes and ears Kaepernick opened with his actions. “The truth hurts,” Snoop added. “People don’t like dealing with the truth. They would rather him just be a football player and just do his thing. But when he speaks to issues that really touch people and they really mean something, then you question him as opposed to questioning what he’s protesting.”

The Doggystyle artist elaborated on how the embattled quarterback needs a team with a protocol to supply answers for the community. “He needs a team. Just like when you’re playing football, you’re supported by a team,” he said. “When you wanna be a revolutionary, you have to be supported by a team. He didn’t have a team supporting him.”

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Check out the debate between the three below.