Soulja Boy Goes Off The Deep End In New Beef With Quavo & Shia LaBeouf


Soulja Boy is really gone, yall.

The people around him must not love him because his behavior lately has been nothing but self destructive. Parading around on Instagram with bottles of codeine and guns is not wavy. In fact, it’s just corny as this point.

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You probably remember his recent “online beef” with Lil Yatchy, welp, he has gotten himself into some new tiffs — and it’s just messy. His latest targets are Shia LaBeouf and Migos’ Quavo. The latter fued is actually the most sticky. His issues with the Hollywood actor are pretty much just contrived.

His current tirade against Quavo is the one that could really put him in harm’s way. Soulja has already publicly threatened the rapper with violence — and as we all know — Migos are not the ones to play with.

We just pray this all doesn’t end with any physical incidents.

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Fuck @quavohuncho

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