N.J. State Trooper Charged & Suspended Without Pay For Sexually Harassing Female Drivers He Pulled Over


A New Jersey state trooper has been arrested after officials learned he was harassing female drivers that he pulled over. Marquice Prather was criminally charged last week (Dec. 9), on charges of falsifying and tampering public records to cover up his disgusting (and illegal) behavior.

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State officials first began looking into Prather’s suspicious behavior after several women complained that the three-year veteran had allegedly asked them out on dates after pulling them over for miscellaneous offenses, the New York Post reports. Upon further investigation, authorities discovered that Prather was showing a pattern of stopping women between the ages of 20 and 35 to ask them for their phone numbers. To cover his tracks, Prather would allegedly turn off his wireless microphone during his routine stops and falsely report that it had some sort of malfunction. He’s also been accused of altering official, police data to hide the fact that he was targeting young women.

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Prather has been released from jail on bail. The trooper faces third and fourth-degree charges with possible jail time, according to NJ.com. He has reportedly been suspended without pay. Prather’s attorney however, says he will plead not guilty when he goes to trial, according to the Post.