Pay Up?: Stevie Wonder’s Property Tax Lien Is Barely $700


Celebrities are notorious for ringing up property tax liens, and living legend Stevie Wonder seems to have joined the club. However, his unpaid property tax lien is no where near as ludicrous as it could be.

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Unless there was an error on Los Angeles County’s part, it seems that the Hotter Than July musician owes a measly $645.32 in unpaid property taxes, TMZ reports. We hope he can fork it over. It may be difficult to task him with something so daunting…

This wouldn’t be the first time the iconic musician racked up a teensy tiny tax lien. In early 2013, he was ordered to pay just $40 to the IRS after two tax mistakes. His collection and penalty costs were higher than the actual bill- $98.

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Compared to celebrities like Lauryn Hill and Lil Wayne, we think that Stevie is going to be juuuuust fine.