Taylor Bennett’s “New York Nights” Provides Illuminating Inspiration In Times Of Darkness

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Chi-Town bred Taylor Bennett brings feel good vibes with his newest single “New York Nights.”

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How did the song come about? The younger Bennett brother had recently released his debut album Broad Shoulders when he discovered there was a bloodclot in his left lung. After finding out the devastating news, he made the climb back into a Brooklyn studio and worked with a group of artists to produce a sound like no other- one that evokes genuine hardship and emotion. Bennett used the Treble app to help find other creative minds like himself  to help assist on his newest single.

The single comes on the one-year anniversary of Broad Shoulders’ release. The track is a testimony to the ups and downs that Bennett has endured, which have only made him stronger. Providing the listener with a feel-good chorus, he raps over a mellow-paced beat and tells his life-changing story.

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Bennett will headline Metro Chicago on Dec. 23. You can listen to the inspirational track off his upcoming EP below.