I Met God, She’s Black: Faith-Based Film Combats Traditional Depiction Of The Ultimate Deity


The controversial, modern depiction of God as a black woman will be epitomized on the big screen this upcoming year in March.

In the faith-based film, The Shack, Sam Worthington (Mack) is lured back to the place his daughter was kidnapped and murdered with a note from God (Papa), herself, Octavia Spencer to cope with and heal from his tragic loss.

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The big-screen production is adapted from William P. Young’s global-bestselling novel of the same name—raking in sales of over 18 million copies in 39 languages.

To combat the archaic notion that God is “Gandalf with an attitude” or “Zeus who wants to blast you with any imperfection you exhibit,” the Canadian author believed the best way to depict a more humanistic and compassionate divinity was with a race and gender change. And what better actress to embody this new divine makeover than Ms. Spencer? With her commanding on-screen presence combined with her track record of consoling, nurturing roles such as Minnie (The Help) and Wanda (Fruitvale Station), the Hidden Figures actress should deliver an inspiring box-office performance.

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Watch the trailer below for the Stuart Hazeldine-directed, The Shack, set to release March 3, 2017.