Trevor Noah Stops By ‘The Breakfast Club’ To Discuss Apartheid And Racism In America


Good morning everybody. It’s DJ Envy, Angela Yee, Charlamgne Tha God. They are “The Breakfast Club,” and to maybe quell whatever social media ire “Daily Show” Host Trevor Noah has merited (or add more fuel to the fire) the South African born comedian and evening talk show host stopped by to discuss everything from the apartheid he was born into to his sit-down with Tomi Lahren.

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“Apartheid made it illegal for black and white people to interact with one another, my parents included. At the time they were couple, it was against the law, me being born was against the law,” the 32-year-old said. “My dad couldn’t be on my birth certificate. My parents couldn’t have, you had to have a registry of all the people who lived in your house at the time and my grandma couldn’t have me in her house.”

Noah said that due to the laws of Apartheid, his parents could not show affection to him in public. Noah’s white father would walk a few paces ahead of him, while his mother, a black woman, often dressed like a nanny to disguise that she in fact gave birth to a mixed race child. But according to Noah, he didn’t know any better because that’s the world he was born into.

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“I grew up in a world where I didn’t know these things were happening,” Noah continued. “My dad didn’t walk with me, but I grew up with kids who didn’t even know their dad so I was like, ‘There’s my dad.’ At least I know I have a dad.”

After talks about double-standards and the inherent misogynist world women live in, DJ Envy asked Noah about how he’s handling the criticism leveled against him due to his interview with Tomi Lahren and their meeting afterward. Noah said he acknowledges how difficult it is for Lahren to enter his space, and vice versa, but took umbrage to so-called liberals using misogyny against the 24-year-old conservative.

“What I didn’t like was afterward, people who claim to be progressives saying things like ‘Oh, the C-word’ or ‘Oh this b***h’ and then you have people like ‘Oh, I’m glad you put this dumb, blonde b***h in her place. No, you see. You’ve just taken up a cudgel of misogyny used against her claiming to you see what I’m saying?”

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Noah later explained that while he fundamentally disagrees with a lot of what Lahren had to say, he also disagrees with people’s negative reaction online to her.  “I said, let me meet up with you and your producers, I’ll come with me and my producers and we just want to sit with you and say thank you and just be like ‘You know, we’re not for what has happened here post the interview.”

Their post meeting was simply a way to say thank you, but with the way photoshop and cropping works, it looked like it was more than that. Listen to Noah’s explanation of the evening and his take on racism in America.