Trump Supporter Stabbed In The Throat For Using Racial Slur


A conversation about opposing views points quickly escalated into a physical altercation between two men on opposite sides of the political aisle. According to reports, a Donald Trump supporter was stabbed in the neck after using a racial slur against another man.

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Raymond Williams, 29, of  Richland, Wash., was arguing with Alvaro Campos-Hernandez, 40, of Pasco, Wash. Williams, a Trump supporter, was also visibly intoxicated, when the two men  began yelling at each other according to witnesses.

When things became too tense, both were separated. However, it was Williams who then hurled a racial slur at Hernandez, which incited Hernandez to place Williams in a headlock.

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“Campos [Hernandez] went back and grabbed Williams and was yelling, ‘Say it again’ repeatedly,” Pasco Police Sgt. Scott Warren told Tri-City Herald newspaper.

While Hernandez held Williams in a headlock, he took out his knife. Williams in self-defense did the same, however he was unsuccessful. Williams suffered a 1-inch wound to his windpipe. “It could have been a homicide. The victim was extremely lucky,” said Warren.

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