Vic Mensa’s “Heathens Freestyle” Touches On Chicago Violence

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Vic Mensa holds nothing back in his freestyle set to Twenty One Pilots’ smash hit, “Heathens.”

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While the original track is macabre on its own, the rapper adds another chilling layer to the joint popularized by Suicide Squad by spitting about some troubling scenarios that he’s witnessed growing up in the South Side of Chicago.

“They killed my brother dead, wonder why I’d be faded,” he says on the Sound Cloud track, which was released on Thursday (Dec. 8). “At times I feel guilt for being the boy who lived/ I could have been the one with that knife inside my ribs/ I guess God had bigger plans for the kid/ When I woke up still alive on that hospital bed.”

He also gets even more real, mentioning stereotypes against the black community and police brutality, with lines like, “Man, trust, you can rock a Rollie or handcuffs/ Either way the police gonna say pull your pants up/ Since you in the country they don’t want you to stand up.”

The cover art for the freestyle portrays Mensa as a hip-hop version of The Joker using lipstick to draw on his sinister grin.

Listen to the powerful track below.

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