Views From The Studio: The Year In Forgiveness, Faithfulness And Fullness


Honesty embedded within an artist’s music isn’t only therapeutic for its creator, but the listeners who see melodies as a source of refuge. In a good way, 2016 bombarded consumers with full-length projects that showcased forgiveness isn’t a sign of weakness, talking to God isn’t just reserved for the confines of your bedroom, and despite the things that tear us apart inside, rhythm and rhymes can piece us back together.

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For Beyonce, Chance the Rapper and A Tribe Called Quest, they sought to be our everlasting therapists for a one time fee under $20, or in Chance’s case, for free. Although they’re the vessel that brings forth their studio creations, the people behind the scenes who help them execute their vision are just as important.

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Here, three separate creatives discuss the roles they played in contributing to some of this year’s top projects that stirred our souls, had us shouting in exaltation, and made us appreciative of the loved ones who are guiding us from above. ~ Camille Augustin

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