Waffle House Waitress Protects Restaurant By Pulling Out Gun On Suspected Robbers


After a trio of robbers vandalized a Waffle House, one waitress decided to run them off with her firearm. According to WSB-TV, Heather Burkinshaw-Stanley defended her workplace after the suspected robbers reportedly said they would shoot the restaurant’s patrons if she called the police.

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Once they ran off with $200 after another waitress at the register gave up the cash, Burkinshaw-Stanley went to her car, pulled out her gun, and fired a shot in the vicinity of the robbers, who sped off in their SUV.

The news site adds that this 2:30 a.m. Thursday incident (Dec. 29), was the third robbery occurrence at that same Waffle House in Coweta County, Ga. Once word of the matter was made public, resident Jamika Render told WSB-TV, “That bullet could have went anywhere, hit anyone, but I definitely think she had the right to defend herself.”

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The suspects are still on the run.