Millennial Catalysts Under 30: They’re Talking, You’re Just Not Listening


There’s this unfounded notion that millennials or “young people” are the ones walking around aimlessly, not believing in anything and falling for everything. In just the 2016 presidential season alone, there were tons of campaigns, free concerts, and fundraisers  targeting youth to get out there and cast their vote in an attempt to not allow Donald Trump into office. Following one of the most historic, political letdowns any millennial has seen in their lifetime, surveys revealed that if only the 18-25 crew headed to the polls on Election Day, Hillary Clinton would have earned 504 electoral votes out of the required 270.

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The truth is, there are plenty of millennials talking about “things.” They’re talking about the environment, about rights for women and people of color. The problem is, some “grown folks” aren’t listening. Young Hollywood in particular, has taken a stand to voice their concerns, opinions, and plans to create a more inclusive and better 2017. So as this year finally comes to an end, we take a look back at the millennials who made noise in their respective fields, but more importantly, took a moment to discuss important social and political movements going on around them. Check out the gallery above.