Wait What: 30 WTF Moments Of 2016


It’s safe to say that 2016 was filled with 365 days of joy, sadness, anger, and astonishment. Many hip-hop and R&B artists brought the good vibes for bad times, spoke out about the social and political disparities in America and dropped albums to remember. Police brutality was at an all-time high (at least when it comes to those reported) and athletic games brought the adrenaline-induced moments to sports lovers around the world.

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In between every memorable moment of this last year, there were many smaller stories that never failed to garner a look of confusion. Most of the time, the head-scratching incidents didn’t involve a celebrity or person of influence, but rather an everyday person like you and me. From showing up to your own funeral to going to jail just to take on an act of revenge, VIBE took a moment to look back at all the news stories that made us laugh, hold a blank stare or simply say, “What the fu**?!”

Go down memory lane and flip through these 30 WTF (what the f**k) moments of the year 2016. What story did you read this year that shocked you or made you say, “Wait…what?!”

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