Mom Knows Best: Young Thug’s Mother Made Him Apologize To The Airline Workers He Harassed


There’s nothing like a stern talking to from your mother to bring you back down to reality. After Young Thug shockingly posted a video of him harassing female employees at an Alaska Airlines station in Atlanta last week, the rapper revealed on Tuesday (Dec. 13) that he went back to the airport to apologize to those women, thanks to an extra push from his mother.

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“When your mama make u go to the airport and apologize,” he wrote with a photo of himself at the airport. “Sorry love ones.” It’s good to see that Jeffery’s mother didn’t raise him to have the behavior he displayed in that video. In the now-deleted post, the rapper was seen calling the women “peasants” and “ants,” all while trying to throw money at them. Even one asked for him to get the camera out of her face, he proceeded to attack her looks and hair.

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But when Thug isn’t getting a big head, the rapper has been giving back to good causes. In the latest issue of Paper Magazine, the rapper revealed that he and his fiancee Jerrika Karlae have been working to end poverty across the nation through the #fightpovertyagain campaign. So cheers to Young Thug trying to make a difference. And let’s just hope he leaves the other nonsense at home, or his mom will have to step in again.

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