A Limo Service Is Suing Young Thug For A Lot Of Money

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Things were looking good for Young Thug earlier in the year, but it doesn’t seem to be finishing that way. Thugger is reportedly being sued by a West Coast limo service after allegedly skipping out on paying a $18,000 tab.

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Hollywood Stars Limousines reportedly filed a lawsuit against the “With Them” rapper for allegedly failing to cough up $18,676 after using their services earlier in the year, according to documents obtained by TMZ. The company claims Thug booked one limo to drive him and his homies around 11 times during the summer, and despite giving the Atlanta artist ample time to foot the bill, Thugger has allegedly refused to pay it. Luckily, the limo company isn’t looking to collect any more than what they are owed, so once the rapper forks over the money, the company is willing to drop the suit.

Coming up with the dough probably wouldn’t be a huge deal for Thugger, but in recent months, the rapper has faced a number of legal woes that may be putting his money in a bind. The new lawsuit comes only one week after the “Pick Up the Phone” artist was arrested at an Atlanta mall for missing a court date in relation to his car’s illegally tinted windows.  He was later released on a $500 bond and posted a now-deleted video on Instagram, stating that he was “bigger than the law.”

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Only weeks before that, the rapper found himself at the center of controversy again for harassing female employees at an Atlanta airport. Thanks to his mom, Thug apologized to those women before it turned into a legal issue, but it’s yet another instance of the rapper’s luck running out. In regards to his recent case though, some one should tell Young Thug that no matter how many hit records he makes or how many designer shows he gets invited to, he’ll never be bigger than paying his bills.