Strictly For The Bad & Boujee: The 25 Essential Migos Songs And Features


If Hollywood wasn’t fully aware of Migos before the 2017 Golden Globes — they are now. During the show, the rap group was shouted out by none other than surprise Golden Globe winner, Donald Glover. Prior to the namedrop the ATL trio relentlessly released music to create their own mark in this particular era of Hip-Hop. The squad’s influence has been so strong that their well cultivated swagger has deeply penetrated pop culture like a hypodermic needle.

After developing and maintaining a cult-like following with their ever growing catalog of mixtapes and albums like No Label 2, Rich N***a Timeline, Y.R.N, and Back To The Bando, the group introduced the world to one of the biggest dance crazes of this decade: The Dab. The viral dance move was then popularized by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

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However, it was undoubtedly Donald’s Golden Globes shout that cemented the group’s place in Hollywood. To the surprise of the mostly middle aged crowd, his random salute to Migos and their song, “Bad & Boujee,” have helped the fellas level up in 2017. “And I really want to thank the Migos, not for being in the show, but for making ‘Bad & Boujee’. That’s like the best song…ever,” said Glover during his speech.

Later on in the evening, he then dubbed Migos as this generation’s The Beatles. “They don’t get a lot of respect outside of Atlanta. “There’s a generation, the YouTube generation that I came up with, that are growing up with something separate from a whole group of people. Honestly, that song [“Bad & Bougie”] is just fly. There’s no better song to have sex to,” said Glover who also released his critically acclaimed album Awaken, My Love, this past December.

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While Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff have yet to reach the same artistic and cultural success as the band who led the British Invasion, Glover has a strong point in spite of this. Since the release of their very first official mixtape Jugg Season in 2011, Migos — within the span of six years — have slowly but steadily climbed to the top of the game.

Despite their well-documented ups and downs, they have created an extensive resume of 16 mixtapes, many, many Billboard chart topping singles, two Gold plaques (four if you count Quavo’s features), scores of features across many genres and tons of praise from their peers.

Regardless of their influence on youth culture there are still a lot of folks in the world who either don’t know, don’t show, or just refuse to care about the strong armed reign of Migos out here in these streets (word to Doughboy). So, for all the uninitiated, VIBE presents 25 essential songs and features from the trio thus far.

Turn the bass up as loud as possible as you enjoy some of their biggest and best records to date. Dab on em’!

“Versace” – Y.R.N. (2013)
Migos’s 2013 ode to the pricey high-end clothing line was one of their first really successful records that helped launch them into the national spotlight. It became so popular that Drake eventually hopped on the remix and gave them one of most memorable feature verses of his career. The song has earned Migos their first gold plaque and remains as one of the most important records of their career

“Fight Night”- No Label 2 (2014)
“Fight Night” is another one of their breakthrough records that landed all over the radio in 2014. The beauty behind the song is how they show their ability to make conceptual hit records based on a simple, yet well executed simile that turned out to be fan favorite. Plus, the gaudy visuals does a great job at bringing their musical imagery to life. It also became the group’s second gold record.

“Bad & Boujee” feat. Lil Uzi Vert – Culture (upcoming)
One of their latest bangers from their forthcoming Culture album has grown to become one of their best songs to this day with its brooding production, polished flows, and hilarious visuals. Could it be safe to call it a future Hip-Hop classic record after Donald Glover showed it some love at the Golden Globes? Maybe.

“Young Rich N****as” – No Label 2 (2014)
Not to be confused with the song of the same title on the first YRN mixtape, the No Label 2 version stands out as a celebratory anthem about being young, rich, and straight from the trap. The use of the “Notorious Thugs” sample on the beat was well executed.

“Dipset” Lil Yachty feat. Offset – Summer Songs 2 (2016)
To some degree, this is an underrated record in both Lil Yachty and the Migos catalog as both artists have some fun and spit over a reworked “Green Bird” sample from the legendary anime series Cowboy Bebop with smooth trap production that works like peanut butter and chocolate. Offset murders the track with his nimble flow and bounces over the track with ease. Now, how this song has any relevance to The Diplomats is another story.

“Cocoon (Remix)” feat. Young Thug (2016)
Although the original version of “Cocoon” was solid in its own way, the remix with fellow ATLien Young Thug pushed the song forward as their cultivated chemistry shines bright. Not to mention that this was released around Thugga’s birthday which makes this much more significant.

“Add It Up” – No Label 2 (2014)
This track is another banger from their No Label 2 mixtape that is debatably the most turnt song of the whole project. “Add It Up” gives listeners a sinister, bass heavy Nino Brown-esque vibe that is matched with the Migos’ high and frantic energy from their flows. Its thematic nature brings fans right into the pulsating urgency of the trap without ever having to go to it.

“F Cancer” – Young Thug feat. Quavo – I’m Up (2016)
This uplifting anti-cancer song pays homage to Boosie Badazz during his recovery from kidney cancer. The song is one of the more memorable contributions from Young Thug and Migos’s catalog — not just for their individual performances, but it leads to one of the most heartwarming videos of 2016.

“Handsome and Wealthy” – No Label 2 (2014)
“Handsome and Wealthy” is the record that helped make No Label 2 the modern classic that it is today. If one does not remember this joint for any other reason, it should be remembered for having one of Quavo’s best hook performances — and Takeoff’s standout verse.

“Bando” – Y.R.N. (2013)
“Bando” is one of their most popular street records to this day. In 2013, it flooded the streets of Everyhood, USA, beginning with Atlanta. The tafk also helped popularize the term “Bando” — which is an abandoned house used to sell drugs. The gritty visuals shows that Migos are not just about shiny chains and expensive things.

“Pipe It Up” – Young Rich Nation (2015)
This song is arguably one of their most lit records of all time. And at the least, it’s top five because this was not only one of the signature songs that helped popularized The Dab, but Quavo lights the pounding production ablaze with stand-out bars like, “Feeling like Aladdin, Quavo the genie, I grant your h*e three wishes/You know I do magic, Quavo Houdini, I touch the pack, get it missing.” Its nonstop energy makes it an all time Migos classic — and the visuals were not too shabby either.

“Key To The Streets” YFN Lucci feat. Migos & Trouble – 2016
Out of Migos extensive catalog of features, “Key To The Streets,” stands out because their contributions are what helped push YFN Lucci’s breakout single to the masses. While Migos and Lucci have somewhat similar sounds, it was those similarities that helped make this a cohesive hit melded by great chemistry. Especially with Quavo and Lucci together on the hook.

“Wishy Washy” – Rich N***a Timeline (2014)
“Wishy Washy” is a rare moment when they go outside of the drug game and into other subject matter. This track helps the guys address their inner turmoil — where they expand on the inconsistent, disloyal, and gold-digging women who aim to break hearts and pockets alike.

“Freak No More” – No Label 2 (2014)
Unless you’ve never listened to Migos before, one should understand that strip club anthems are just as prevalent in Migos’ catalog as their catchy trap records. And “Freak No More,” which was shot at the world famous Magic City, stands out because it’s dedicated to women who often contemplate leaving the adult entertainment. Equipped with well-developed verses from each member, “Freak No More” grew to become an important staple in their discography.

“Origin” – YRN The Album
As one of their more unique records, “Origin” features Migos recalling their rise to fame and touches on the tribulations throughout their lives. Although it carries plenty of trap talk, it shows their more reflective aspect to their music.

“Look Alive (Remix)” Rae Sremmurd feat. Migos
For all intents and purposes, if Migos are The Beatles of this era, then Rae Sremmurd has to be The Rolling Stones. On Swae Lee and Slimm Jxmmi’s atmospheric banger, “Look Alive.” Migos added their saucy flare to create an incredible remix.

“Moses” French Montana feat. Chris Brown & Migos – 2015
French Montana tapped Chris Breezy and Migos to create one of the biggest songs of 2015. The best thing about the group is that whenever they do features, the fellas often add vital elements to songs such as extremely high energy. Their rapid fire flows works perfectly on the track, making “Moses” one of their most memorable features.

“Hannah Montana” – Y.R.N. (2013)
This is another one of their first breakout hits from the first Y.R.N. mixtape. “Hanna Montana” is a fun, hype, and catchy ode to that infamous “white girl” and late night trapping. In 2013, they gave clubs and parties across the country a one-two punch with “Versace” and “Hanna Montana.” The movement created a strong foothold for Migos.

“One Time” – Young Rich Nation (2015)
If there’s one thing that Migos do best it’s creating songs that become addictions. Sticking to their tried and true formula, “One Time” is a strong and polished version of the sound they created before the Young Rich Nation album. Not only that, but it also features one of Quavo’s strongest rap performances.

“Look At My Dab” – Back To The Bando (2015)
Out of every hit record that Migos have produced, there is very few like “Look At My Dab.” It really took the world by storm and will likely be remembered as a song that pioneered the dance.“Look At My Dab” became a mainstream phenomenon across the country that had everyone from kids, pro-athletes, to many celebrities joining the dance craze. The one travesty in all of this is that Migos were not invited to the 2016 Super Bowl to perform the hit, which practically served as Cam Newton’s theme song.

“Show Ya P***y” R. Kelly feat. Migos and Juicy J – Black Panties (2013)
As the only song on this list lead by an R&B singer, “Show Ya P***y” is a blatantly outlandish track that works the Migos style to perfection with fellow legend Juicy J along for the ride. Whether or not one would consider this one of R. Kelly’s finest moments is up to the listener, but one thing that’s for sure, Migos flourishe all over this song.

“Ray Bans” – Jugg Season (2011)
“Ray Bans” puts the Migos on front street in their rawest form — and we know all their day-1 fans appreciate the track. While Jugg Season is a very rough and raw project that is a far cry from the amazing work they have produced in later years, “Ray Bans” shows flashes of the incredible talents the group have since improved on.

“Bad Intentions (Remix)” Niykee Heaton feat. Migos
The “Bad Intentions” remix is not only their biggest “pop feature” but also one of the best videos they have been a part of. And that says a lot because Migos has produced some very well thought out and interesting videos throughout their career so far. The two genres blend very well to create one solid banger without compromising the trappers’ styles A scantily clad Niykee Heaton plays her role as a bank robber very well. In the video, she eventually has the trio all turn on each other. Bad intentions indeed!

“First 48″ – No Label 2
Featured on the phenomenal No Label 2, Migos takes a darker and more sinister route on “First 48”. The menacing track is arguably one of their best street records with a serious warning to all of the jackers, robbers, and snitches.

“Black Man” T.I. ft Quavo, Meek Mill, & Rara) – Us or Else
Out of all of the features that Migos and their individual members have been featured on, “Black Man”, with its socio-political context makes it all the more surprising. Nevertheless, Quavo makes his presence known and shows that Migos can extend themselves beyond trapping and loose women to take on more pressing issues.