Ace Tee Is Bringing German Hip-Hop To The Masses With One Video

Since the beginning of hip-hop’s domination of pop music, rappers from Europe have had trouble breaking into the U.S. market. This goes for all foreign countries for that matter. International tongues haven’t been able to pass the the language barrier issue. Although there is one German artist, Ace Tee, that has a sound that can’t be denied.

Her latest video “Bist Du Down” which was introduced to us by The Fader, roughly translates to “Are you down?” in English. The vibe is totally reminiscent of 90’s R&B/Rap with a refreshing twist. On the song, she harmonizes with the soul of a Brooklyn born artist over a Lo-Fi track layered over boom-bap drums. You might not comprehend what she’s saying, but the music with tantalize your senses.

Can Ace Tee be the spark to a German takeover in hip-hop?


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