First-Ever Dominican Congressman Breaks Out The Merengue After Swearing-In Ceremony

Representing New York’s 13th Congressional District, Adriano Espaillat fortified his victory as the first-ever Dominican-American elected into Congress on Tuesday (Jan. 3).

According to NBC, the largest auditorium in the Capitol’s Visitor Center wasn’t enough to accommodate the politician’s supporters, who spilled into four additional rooms to watch the historic swearing-in ceremony unfold, Dominican flags in tow.

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Also the first formerly undocumented immigrant to earn a seat, Espaillat celebrated the community of Puerto Ricans, African Americans, Mexicans and more found in his district during his speech. “We have a very strong diversity, and that’s what we have in our hands, that’s our greatest strength,” he said.

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Joined by the likes of Sergio Vargas, Yiyo Sarante and Fefita la Grande, Espaillat capped off his day with merengue for the culture.

It was only right.