Alicia Keys Hopes That “Justice Will Prevail” Under Donald Trump’s Presidency

Life under Donald Trump is upon us, but those who still seek to enact change for the betterment of humankind continue their efforts despite their disagreements with the president-elect’s vitriol mannerisms.

In an interview with Allure, Grammy-award winning singer, Alicia Keys, shared her views on why those who spew a positive outlook shouldn’t be discouraged with Trump’s looming presidency.

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“The We Are Here Movement will stand in support of Hispanics, refugees, people of color, Muslims, and anyone who feels afraid in the upcoming Trump era,” she said. “I have a hope that President Trump, as a New Yorker, will have more liberal views than his campaign rhetoric suggests and that in the end, our system of justice will prevail. But it does hurt that racism was not a deal breaker for millions in the election. However, as an artist, I expect to continue to use my voice for things that matter, as I have since the beginning of my career. That won’t change. As an activist, I will continue to fight for what’s right. That won’t change, either. It’s time for all of us to be engaged. As a mother, I am a lioness.”

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During the election season, Keys urged her fans and listeners at her Times Square concert to cast their vote and let their voices be heard. “They know that our voice means change,” she said. “If you care about your life, where we are going, and your children, then vote for it, please.”

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