Armed Standoff Ensues After Man Opens Fire On Wife Over Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Thanks to a grilled cheese sandwich, one Maryland man’s ferocious appetite has landed him in police custody. According to ABC News, Daniel Brian Blackwell’s temper boiled over once he accused his wife of biting off a piece of his cheesy meal, and proceeded to pull out a gun and fire it in the vicinity of his spouse. The bullet broke through the ceiling of the basement into the kitchen, which slightly missed Blackwell’s wife and three children.

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Three shots in that same area soon followed, prompting Blackwell’s family to call 911 and exit the home. Authorities appeared and engaged in an armed standoff with Blackwell, who was “surrounded by guns and ammunition” before he reportedly coaxed police officials to shoot him. Blackwell was apprehended with “pepper balls” after he stepped outside of the house with ammunition tied around his waist.

He now faces charges of first and second degree attempted murder, reckless endangerment and assault. Upon search of his home, police retrieved 15 weapons which included four shotguns. The standoff occurred over the span of three hours.

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Baltimore County Shawn Vinson issued a statement on the matter, revealing, “Right now we don’t know if there were any mental issues or if that was alcohol or drugs involved. And the man will be taken to a local hospital for an evaluation to see why this enraged him so much about this grilled cheese sandwich.”