Benny Boom To Direct Miniseries On The Life Of Haitian Jack


Another story of hip-hop’s most notable figures will be told through the small screen as it was announced Monday (Jan. 23) a miniseries about Jacques “Haitian Jack” Agnant is in the works.

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Former Interscope Records co-founder Ted Field, Straight Outta Compton writer Alan Wenkus and All Eyez on Me director Benny Boom will put together the series that will share details of Haitian Jack’s origin story, The Hollywood Reporter states. Born in Haiti, Agnant moved the states (Brooklyn, New York) during the infamous crack era. The film is looking to be set in the 90’s “as he transitions from private schools to becoming a feared stick-up artist targeting drug dealers, Jack finds himself in the cutthroat music business during the most controversial period in hip-hop history.” Jack will also stand by as a technical adviser on the project.

For those who aren’t familiar with Haitian Jack, the former music manager and promoter rose through the ranks while working with acts like the late Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. He also collaborated with Wyclef Jean, Madonna and others. His reputation as a tough, yet wise figure has been told through plenty of unauthorized stories. His friendship with 2Pac withered after it was rumored Jack was a part of the infamous 1994 shooting of the rapper at New York’s Quad Studios. Despite Jack denying the claims, the rapper name dropped him in “Against All Odds.” Speaking with Hip Hop Wired in 2015, the reclusive Jack talked about his reputation and former relationship with the artist.

“Whenever it comes to ‘Pac it feels like I’m blamed,” he said. “I know who’s behind it and we’ll get into that one-day. But the person that’s behind it is serving life right now. Let me tell you man, whenever you go out of your way to get someone killed, put in jail and slander their character; all those things end up coming back to you; especially a person who has nothing against you or has done nothing to you.” The shooting would go on to spark the beef between Pac and Biggie, leading to their demise and the biggest moment in hip-hop history. In 2012, James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond admitted his role in the botched robbery, something that Pac also claimed in the aforementioned track.

But Haitian Jack’s legacy isn’t as negative as it sounds. Speaking to Hot 97 last year, actor Cory Hardrict who will portray Jack in All Eyez on Me, discussed how gained a different perspective of the industry figure. “He gave him [2Pac] guidance,” he said. “We talked for hours and I wanted to do my research. You hear the stories and you get scared. [But] he’s official. When you talked to him on the phone, you see, ‘This dude is real.'”

So far, no networks are tied to the project, but a few have already gravitated towards the miniseries. Executives are also hoping to shop the series to streaming platforms. Excited for his new project, Boom shared his high expectations.

“Haitian Jack’s story is extraordinary and the opportunity to explore his life through a television series is incredible,” he said. “Crime, drugs violence and music as told through his experiences will be a groundbreaking moment for television.”

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