Bobby Shmurda Affiliate Curses Out Judge Before Receiving 117.5 To 130 Years Sentence


Bobby Shmurda’s co-defendant in a Brooklyn gang conspiracy case was removed from a Manhattan courtroom on Thursday (Jan. 19) for telling a judge “suck my d**k” before receiving his sentence of over a century behind bars.

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Santino Boderick hurled a plethora of expletives at Justice Abraham Clott including “F**k you!” Clott, however, remained calm and had the 23-year-old removed from the courtroom where he eventually read Boderick’s 117.5 to 130-year sentence.

Boderick was convicted of a host of charges including 20 felonies stemming from several gang-related shootings, along with conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder and possession of a weapon. According to Page Six, Boderick turned down a plea deal in September 2016, which would have required him to serve a total of 15 years in prison.

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However, “Hot N***a” artist Bobby Shmurda took a plea deal in December 2016 and was sentenced to seven years. This isn’t the first time one of Shmurda’s affiliates received a lengthy sentence. In May 2016, 24-year-old Rashid Derissant, former member of GS29, was given 98 years behind bars for attempted murder, murder and assault.