#NeverBeSilent: Bomba Estéreo & PETA Latino Band Together To Combat Animal Abuse


Bullying is never cool in any form, and that includes turning that abuse toward animals. So, to continue the discussion on anti-bullying, Bomba Estéreo and PETA Latino have joined forces on a new campaign that focuses specifically on combating the bullying of animals. In a new PSA clip, the Colombian band prompt others to #NeverBeSilent about animal maltreatment.

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“We’ve all experienced bullying in one form or another, and we know how much it hurts when someone picks on us for being different,” bassist Simón Mejía said in Spanish in the campaign video, below. “Like us, animals feel pain and fear, and they also hurt when someone treats them badly.” Lead vocalist Liliana Saumet followed her bandmate by pointing out some of the actions that constitute as animal abuse, such as “leaving them outside suffering in the heat or cold” or yelling “at them or call them ‘stupid.'”

The PSA concluded with Mejía and Saumet calling for action. “Always report abuse to the police, to PETA, or to a parent or teacher,” Saumet said. “Bullying anyone is never OK. And you have the power to help stop it,” Mejía chimed in. “Be a hero—never be silent.”

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Bomba Estéreo follows other notable Latin artists who have partnered with PETA to combat violence against animals, such as Eva Mendes and Penelope Cruz.