Chance The Rapper Discusses The Grammys, Fatherhood & More With ‘GQ’

Lil Chano From 79th is gearing up for another promising year. The independent artist recently graced the cover of GQ’s latest issue where he discussed stepping into the role of a father, Donald Trump’s forthcoming presidency, and the importance of the Grammys.

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“As a musician, I think it’s the same thing as an actor receiving an Oscar,” he said after attaining seven nominations for next month’s ceremony. “Do I think that the Grammys are always fully representative of a person’s talent? No. Just like Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get an Oscar until this past year. And he’s been doing his fu**ing thing. But I think everybody wants validation, everybody wants to feel like they did right. And I think the nominations are my victory. You know?”

This past year, the “Juice” rapper welcomed his first child, Kinsley, and learned the balancing act between raising a daughter and keeping his career on track. “It’s a lot to try and be a good dad right now. With all the distractions and all the things that I’m limited in doing by living in Chicago and being a person of notoriety,” the 23-year-old said. “I don’t wanna tack on anything. I want to get my relationship with Kinsley down pat and also just get older. I’m 23. I had her when I was 22. If I am gonna have more kids, it’ll be a blessing and I’ll accept it as a responsibility and a privilege, but I’m definitely not trying to have more kids right now.”

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Other topics of discussion also included Donald Trump’s upcoming presidency and the mentality that Chance doesn’t associate fear with the president-elect. “You gotta just understand, like, sh*t has been fu**ed-up, right? Like, “Make America Great Again,” that’s not a real thing because sh*t ain’t really switched up for them. It’s not really going that bad for you. If you feel like you’re the under-represented, under-appreciated side of Middle America that is white—quote me—you need to, uh, toughen up, ni**a! Somebody gotta punch you in the chest, because sh*t is sweet for you.”