Colin Kaepernick Kicks Off The New Year By Donating To Shelters


Colin Kaepernick carried the spirit of giving over into the New Year, and the first day of the quarterback’s off-season. Wasting no time to give back, Kaepernick emptied out his expansively lavish closet to give back to those who need it most.

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While donating his Nike, Air Max, Jordan’s, and Timberland’s collection is impressive, the Know Your Rights Camp documents that Kaepernick’s generous hand didn’t stop at his closet. The San Francisco 49ers QB saw it best fit to spread some knowledge and culture. In a video the Kaepernick-funded campaign posted to their Instagram account, a t-shirt featuring a Tupac XXL cover, along with books like No Bigotry Allowed: Losing The Spirit Of Fear by Ronald Bonner, and Nobody: Casualities of America’s War On The Vulnerable, From Ferguson To Flint And Beyond by Marc Lamont Hill, can be spotted amongst the donations.

Among the shelters and orphanages Kaepernick donated to were BOSS (Building Opportunities For Self-Sufficiency), Berkeley Men’s Shelter and the Dorothy Day House. With one of the founding board members, Ursula Sherman, also doubling as civil rights activist, it’s a no-brainer as to what drew the free agent to the shelter.

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Regardless of what bounded Kaepernick to the shelters he chose, the beneficiaries of his vans-full of gifts were granted a bright beginning to the New Year.