Dominicans Take A Stand Against Corruption In La Marcha Verde


Thousands of Dominicans joined hands in protest in light of recent revelations in el Caso Odebrecht. Upon learning the Brazilian firm secured contracts across Latin America and Africa with $788 million in bribes, citizens took to the streets of Santo Domingo in La Marcha Verde on Sunday (Jan. 22), Remezcla reports.

Organized by various civil society organizations, including Participación Ciudadana and el Foro Ciudadano, the non-partisan march cast political differences aside in the effort to bring politicians and public servants involved in the nearly $100 million case to justice.

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The peaceful protest extended to New York, where over a thousand more protesters demanded an independent investigation and recuperation of all public funds swindled in bribes and overvaluations via Odebrecht projects.

“This time the citizens will win, and the corrupt will lose,” event organizers said in a statement ahead of the demonstration. “With each step we come closer to the end of impunity and the beginning of a new Dominican Republic, with more justice and well-being for all.”

Dominicans in New York City Join Protest Against CorruptionYesterday, the streets of Santo Domingo were flooding with thousands of Dominicans protesting corruption. La diaspora didn't stay behind, with over a thousand Dominicans taking the streets of Washington Heights. Here's what some of those folks had to say. -- Ayer, miles de dominicanxs llenaron las calles de Santo Domingo para protestar en contra de la corrupción, y la diaspora no se quedó atrás! Más de mil compatriotas salieron a protestar en las calles de Washington Heights. Aquí compartimos algunas de sus entrevistas. #YoVoyPalaMarcha #FindeLaImpunidad #RDMarcha #DominicanDiaspora Posted by La Galería Magazine on Monday, January 23, 2017


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