Donald Trump To Restrict U.S. Immigration From Seven Countries


Donald Trump has not hesitated to make changes in his first week as president. According to a report from Reuters, Trump is expected to sign an executive order Wednesday (Jan. 25) that would put a temporary ban on issuing visas to the United States from seven foreign nations. The embargo would prohibit immigration from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

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The 45th President will also reportedly put immigration to the United States as a whole on hold, until an updated process is put in place. Most of the countries named in the ban contain a majority muslim population, pointed out by The Fader. On Tuesday (Jan. 24), Trump tweeted that today would be a “big day for national security.”

In that same tweet, he also confirmed that we will “build that wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border to increase security and limit the number of immigrants coming to the United States illegally. Trump opened his campaign with a promise that Mexico would pay for the new border. The New York Times has since confirmed plans for the barrier’s construction.

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This is only the beginning, America. If you are in the NYC area today and would like to protest the immigration ban, check out the details below.