Donald Trump Holds Record For Least Popular President


In a shocking political move many didn’t see coming, Donald Trump set the record for being the least popular president just eight days into his term.

Editors Note: That entire first sentence was sarcasm.

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According to a new Gallup poll conducted by The LA Times last Sunday, about 48% of Americans disapprove of Trump. Every president at some point receives sad or angry faces from the American people. When Reagan was president, his disapproval rating happened 727 days into his term, George H.W. Bush at 1336 days, his son, George W. Bush at 1205 days and Obama at 936 days. However, to be frowned upon by the majority of the country a week after being sworn in is unprecedented.

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Gallup, has measured job approval ratings for presidents for years. Obama has earned his fair show of disapproval from the country, but ended his time in office with only a 37% disapproval rating. News of Trump’s temperature with the country comes just days before he fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Yates’ termination comes due to her refusing to enforce her Muslim ban.