Ask Peta: D.R.A.M. Will Do Anything For His Broccoli


The very thought of rappers transforming into vegans would have been pretty laughable a few years ago. When rappers were spending all their lunch money at Mr. Chows and guzzling bottles of Alizé on the reg — few were thinking about the health risks involved.

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We are in different times now, though. Rappers are becoming more socially aware and have been using their name to do more than promote liquor brands and clothing. One prime example is the Grammy nominated artist D.R.A.M. He recently has teamed up with Peta for a new ad to promote healthier eating habits for young people with the consumption of more “greenery.” Earlier in 2016, D.R.A.M dropped a song featuring Lil’ Yachty titled “Broccoli” which the commercial plays off of.

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Initially D.R.A.M.’s fans may think of weed when “greenery” is mentioned but the artist is trying to inspire people to live better and most importantly: consume more green vegetables. The video shows D.R.A.M. speaking to his friends as if he is about to roll up a whole pound of some high grade herb but instead he brings out a big plate of broccoli.


(via Billboard)