Ellen Confirms Kim Burrell Won’t Appear On Her Show After Anti-Gay Sermon

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Famed Gospel singer Kim Burrell stood at the center of controversy just before the New Year after saying gays were “perverted” went viral. Delivering the sermon at Houston’s Love & Liberty Fellowship Church, Burrell who is beloved for her rich vocals, was raked over the coals by the Internet along with artists Janelle Monae and Pharrell Williams.

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Burrell who is also featured on the Hidden Figures soundtrack, was supposed to be appear on Ellen DeGeneres show this week. However, DeGeneres, an openly gay woman who has long fought for the rights of the LGBTQ community took to Twitter Tuesday to announce she won’t be hosting Burrell.

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There was no further comment after DeGeneres’ Tweet. Burrell stood by her statements and refused to apologize to those she may have offended. Williams, who produced the soundtrack and the film also took to Twitter at the height of the controversy to offer his opinion.